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Your business network towards success!
AJU IB INVESTMEMT is always at the heart of the network.


  • 01. AJU IB INVESTMEMT is a living proof of Korea venture capital industry.
  • AJU IB INVESTMEMT has been sharing successes of numerous venture companies, and our success story will continue.
  • 02. AJU IB INVESTMEMT’s wide industry network guarantees the practical support for our customers
  • AJU IB INVESTMEMT obtains its own wide business network including AJUIB Capital and carries out a wide range of business supports including finance, management, technology, and sales
  • 03. Investment in new shares/old shares, CB

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    • Management Capability : Business execution capability, How to share its vision, leadership, morality and management transparency

      Growth prospects : Companies with commercialized business model possessing both growths and profitable prospects

      Market power and technology entry barrier : Companies with sustainable competitiveness, cost competitiveness and Market competitiveness

      Mutual synergistic effect : Synergistic effect between the investment portfolio and the investing companies to uplift the enterprise valuation

      Identifiable exit strategy : Companies applicable to immediate exit strategy

      Exit strategy being practicable during a fund management period