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Collect process

Your business network towards success!
AJU IB INVESTMEMT is always at the heart of the network.

Systematic exit Process, including in-depth monitoring & Value added assistance

  • Investment
    • Disbursement
    • Confirm Approval condition
      (Compliance Check / Risk management Check)

  • Value-added
    • Monitoring
    • Regular monitoring check

      Participation of BOD

    • Portfolio Review
    • Portfolio Review

      Regular review on investee’s business activities

    • Business Support
    • Growth Strategy assistance

      Consulting overall issues of investee business

  • Exit
    • IPO M&A
    • Divestment decision by Investment Divestment Committee for selling price, time and volume, etc

      Divestment through private transaction is decided by Executive Directors Committee

Support Investment Companies to Reach the Maximum Value!