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Your business network towards success!
AJU IB INVESTMEMT is always at the heart of the network.


  • Mezzanine
  • M&ampA
  • Corporate Restructuring

AJU IB Inv support the firms through diverse investment methods and business management to help firms in their growth stage for a timely manner in respect to the development of the firm.
AJU IB Inv also support the firms with the best decision through our accumulated experience in supporting the venture firms and along with our resource networks. We believe we can provide our firms with an efficient transaction, by saving our firms’ resources and time

M&A process

On-line, E-mail, visit (consultation agreemennt, if needed)
Company analysis
Company analysis based on the analysis of market and similar companies
Preliminary valuation using appropriate valuation methods
Due Deligence
In-depth analysis based on accounting firm's due diligence
Negotiating deal conditions
Negotiating deal conditions
Negotiation of target company value, deal price, etc.